Veri-Tax is excited to continue with our ‘Delivering Customer Happiness’Spotlight featuring our Customer Service Representative, Shavon Mitchell!

Please read how Shavon delivers our Customer Happiness Promise below!

Shavon Mitchell

Customer Service Representative (Tempe Remote Team)

“Our Customer Happiness Promise to me means that our word is bond! Whatever we agree to commit to is what we will deliver no matter what. I believe that I deliver customer happiness by committing to provide information asked of me. I always try to give quick and accurate answers/info/responses either form my own research, my experiences or info passed down to myself. If I do not know, I don’t hold myself accountable by giving anything other than a ‘No, I’m sorry’ or ‘If I find out, I’ll keep you in the loop,’ that way I don’t disappoint anyone in making false claims that I am able to do or give something. And later if it happens that I am able to assist then that’s just a bonus!

I’m not an over communicator but I try to be as thorough as I can the first attempt, because we all are in those times where we just need answers NOW, so it’s as easy as possible. I treat everyone the same and I look to complete all orders the same as they are all of importance!”