Data Retention and Destruction Policy

Our essential business model is to securely, reliably and promptly retrieve information from trusted third party sources on behalf of our customers. We do not reuse our customer data for other purposes and primarily retain information to offer a convenient reference for our customers, and to satisfy certain audit requirements from trusted third party sources (e.g., IRS, SSA).
Product Customer Data/File Retention Period
4506-C Tax Transcript Income Verification 4506-C Forms – Wet Signed

120 days

All NPI data, tax transcripts and e-signed 4506-C Forms. 2 years
Verification of Income / Employment (VOI/VOE) All NPI data and attachments 2 years
SSN / EIN Verification Products SSA sourced data and SSA-89 forms 5 years
All other SSN data 90 days

Our automated purge jobs generally execute within a week of the retention period with appropriate logging for confirmation. These jobs sweep through all NPI and scrub the in scope data by applying a write zero, comparable method, or via a complete delete of that data element.