Veri-Tax is excited to continue with our ‘Delivering Customer Happiness’ Monthly Spotlight featuring Carolyn Peterson!

Please read how Carolyn delivers our Customer Happiness Promise below!

Carolyn Peterson

Customer Happiness Representative (Irvine Remote Team)

“I would imagine my co-workers would say that the core value I embrace the most would be over-communication. They’re probably right! My personal core values and goals are to take initiative where it’s needed and always remember to work as a team. I strive to make sure that whatever queue I’m in, I take the time to be sure that I’ve completed that order to the best of my ability so that the next person to touch it will be able to do their job more effectively. If, by the end of the day, I’ve helped a caller to reach their goals quicker, I’ve helped a lead by taking the initiative on keeping eyes on queues that might need tending, or personally assisted a team member to lighten their load, then I’ve had a successful day. Because, in the end, working together is what it’s all about.”