SSN / EIN Verification

What is the risk?

Identity Fraud is one of the fastest growing crimes in the nation and has resulted in an explosive need for rigorous diligence and security measures. According to the FBI, Financial Institution Fraud results in net losses that are 100 times greater than losses from all of the nation’s bank robberies combined.

Our SSN products provide swift and concrete authentication of identity and Social Security Number history through a direct link with the US government database, providing compliance and stronger security measures to facilitate higher quality loans. Where other companies only monitor usage of a Social Security Number, we can obtain Social Security Administration verification regarding the issuance of a Social Security number to an individual.

SSN / EIN Verification

Our state of the art technology also allows full integration and automation of delivery, while fulfilling FACTA Red Flags Rule requirements. With stronger demand to stamp out fraud comes our Veri-Tax SSN solution, the definitive identity verification service for uncompromising fraud mitigation.

The Veri-Tax Solutions

Veri-Tax offers four custom online SSN verification services designed to help lenders catch cases of identity fraud: SSN Match™, SSN Deluxe™, SSN Prime 89™ and SSN Complete™.

The Veri-Tax Solutions Chart

SSN Match™

Using state-of-the-art document retrieval software, Veri-Tax’s SSN Match™ service allows lenders to verify that the borrower’s name matches with the name attached to the SSN given on the loan application. Quick and simple, SSN Match™ is the perfect tools for lenders in need of an unparalleled SSN verification service.

  • Verifies borrower’s name and SSN
  • Easy-to-read “Match” or “No-Match Result”
  • Instant turnaround time
  • No faxing or uploading of a signature release
  • Data sourcing from credit headers, public records, external databases, and partial Social Security data.

SSN Deluxe™

For those in need of more borrower data than is offered with the SSN Match™ service, the Veri-Tax SSN Deluxe™ package is the ideal solution. The Deluxe package offers the same instant turnaround time as SSN Match, but provides more information such as the SSN’s validity, year and state of issue, recent and past addresses and “Death Index” status.

  • Requires only subject’s SSN
  • Verification of SSN validity – “Yes or No”
  • Reports year and state of SSN issue
  • Indicates if SSN is in “Death Index”
  • Provides person’s name associated with SSN
  • Delivers recent and past addresses
  • Instant turnaround time
  • Searches US Patriot Act compliance databases

SSN Complete™

Veri-Tax has combined SSN Match™, SSN Deluxe™ and SSN Prime89 reports to create one all-encompassing verification. SSN Complete™ is the only way to search multiple US Patriot Act databases (OFAC, FBI Most Wanted, Excluded Parties Lists, etc.) for a possible SSN match.

  • Provides SSA “Match”, “No Match”, or “Deceased” result through Form SSA-89 processing
  • Verification of SSN validity – “Yes or No”
  • Reports year and state of SSN issue
  • Indicates if SSN has ever been in the “Death Index”
  • Provides person’s name associated with SSN
  • Delivers recent and past addresses
    Searches US Patriot Act compliance databases
  • Requires a borrower’s consent
  • Results within one hour


To verify the validity of a Business Name to its Employer/Tax Identification Number through the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

  • Direct web service call to IRS
  • Results are instantaneous
  • Provide Match/No Match response
  • Provide Customer Report
  • Permits 2 requests of Business Name within a 24 hour period

EIN / SSN Verification FAQs

What Social Security Number (SSN) Verification products does Veri-Tax offer?
Veri-Tax offers three powerful SSN Verification products to our corporate account holders: SSN-Match™, SSN Match Direct™, and SSN-Deluxe™.

What is the difference between the SSN-Match™ , SSN Match Direct™, and the SSN-Deluxe™?
SSN-Match™ requires the user to input the subject’s SSN and name. The completed report will simply say “Match” or “No Match”. SSN Match Direct™ requires name and SSN and a “Match”, “No Match”, or “Deceased” result will be reported from the SSA. SSN-Deluxe™ requires only the subject’s SSN and the completed report will indicate if the SSN is valid, the year and state the SSN was issued, if the SSN has ever been in the “death index”, and what name and addresses are associated with the SSN.

What is the turnaround time for these products?
Veri-Tax offers instant SSN-Match™ and SSN-Deluxe™ results and same-day turnaround times for SSN Match Direct™.

How do I order SSN Verifications?
A corporate account is required to order these products. The process is fast and easy, simply, login to our secure website to place and retrieve your online order. No faxing is required to obtain either report.

Where does Veri-Tax obtain the information to create the SSN Verification products?
Veri-Tax retrieves data primarily from public records, credit headers, and available Social Security Administration data to create the SSN-Match™ and the SSN-Deluxe™.

Why is a corporate account required to use the SSN-Match™, SSN Match Direct™, and the SSN-Deluxe™?
Customer information security including the prevention of identity theft is among Veri-Tax’s highest priorities. The SSN-Match™, SSN Match Direct™, and the SSN-Deluxe™ are powerful tools that contain highly sensitive information and therefore are only available to authorized clients who have full permission of the subject for administration and verification purposes. To see if your company qualifies please contact the approval department at: 800-969-5100.

How much does SSN-Match™, SSN Match Direct™ and SSN-Deluxe™ cost?
Please contact Veri-Tax’s sales department for updated pricing information. Volume discount pricing is available. Contact [email protected] for more info.

Is there a setup fee to obtain a corporate account with Veri-Tax?
Though a corporate account is required to order our SSN Verification products, we do not charge a setup fee or any administrative fees. The signup and approval process is quick and easy. Simply contact Veri-Tax’s sales department for more information.

Is there a minimum number of orders required or a monthly subscription fee?
Currently, there are no monthly order minimums or subscription fees required. However, Veri-Tax does offer volume discount pricing. Clients are charged after orders have been placed.