I just wanted to say that I’ve submitted the online request and wanted to tell you that in my 30+ years of submitting these requests, your process and online tool is by far the best I’ve ever seen and completed. I wish all banking and mortgage providers used something similar. You should sell the tool to your competitors.

Stratascorp Technologies


Veri-Tax has been amazing. Their efficiency and get the job done process has been described as a “Game Changer” by our processors in the field. There turn times are as promised as well as the support of their customer happiness team going above and beyond!

Carrie Smith

Customer, Academy Mortgage

Their customer service is the best!!! Such friendly and helpful people!


Adriana Chelmagan

Customer, AmeriFirst

Veri-Tax has been such a great tool for our company. i can’t say enough good things about them. always very quick to respond and get our orders complete. Their happiness team is always very kind and willing to help however they can. definitely recommend Veri-Tax 10/10.

Shannon Storrs

Customer, Guild Mortgage

This group of hard workers never leave me high and dry, they are goal oriented and are eager to meet your verification needs. 10/10 would use again!

Vanessa Perez

Customer, Summit Mortgage

We have had a great experience with both Mathew and Andrew. They have been wonderful to work with, as well as the Customer Happiness Team. I appreciate the level of service we have received and look forward to a continued relationship.

2018 Client Survey response

Customer, Mortgage Lender

Thank you so so much. I am rather confused by this process, but your team has been very helpful and patient with me and my many questions today. Thank you kindly again!

Jessica B.

Customer, Mortgage Lender

Customer Service is wonderful. When we need a rush they do whatever it takes to try and get what you need as quick as possible and kept me in the loop every step of the way. I was so thankful for their quick action on helping my team get what we needed. thank you!

Melissa D.

Customer, Mortgage Lender

I absolutely LOVE working with the Veri-Tax Customer Happiness Team! Everyone is always pleasant and takes the time to understand the situation and best of all- in most cases, can resolve the issue on the phone with no delay! Friendly, helpful. knowledgable and quick! Thank you for all you do, Veri-Tax Customer Happiness Team! Keep up the good work!

Pamela Q.

Customer, Mortgage Lender

Everyone that works at Veri-Tax is top-notch in customer service! Always super frinedly and willing to assist. I request transcripts on almost a daily basis and never have a problem getting them back in a timely manner. I love working with veri-tax!

Vicki P.

Customer, Mortgage Lender

Overall experience has been very good. Ver-Tax provides timely and accurate responses to questions and issues, as well as useful data to help improve our performance. They are very easy to work with.

2018 Client Survey response

Customer, Mortgage Lender

Veri-Tax is the best resource for employment verifications I have come across!

Kristine Hartman

Customer, Academy Mortgage

Veri-Tax is the verification of the future. Their process  is all done online, the form automatically calculates annual totals and the online submission saves countless steps. I wish all companies did verifications this way!

Duncan Financial Group

Jennifer Roman

Employer, Duncan Financial Group

Super easy to complete their online VOE form. Secure and legible! I wish all verification were required to use this system.

Darci Schmidt

Employer, Landscape Structures

The folks at Veri-Tax are wonderful to work with…quick & efficient customer service, prompt with updates and information and super friendly on the phone!

Summit Mortgage

Leah Dearborn

Customer, Summit Mortgage

Veri-Tax is the best VOE service I have worked with. They made my day by going the extra mile and getting me an employment verification out of London. Thanks Veri-Tax!

David B.

Customer, Mortgage Lender

Veri-Tax has been a great addition to my daily workload. They help make things easy for us and are very polite, especially to the employers they are reaching out to. They leave detailed notes in the orders so we know what’s going on and when to expect the VOE’s back.

Lacey L.

Customer, Mortgage Lender

It is my pleasure to say that the Veri-tax Customer Happiness Team is wonderful. Ranging from accounts set up, billing inquiries, troubleshoot, etc. I don’t ever have to wait long for someone to get back to me. The customer care team makes it their priority to update me in a timely manner. This is what great customer service is. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

N. L.

Customer, Mortgage Investors group

Veri-Tax is constantly impressing our team with their willingness and communication. Erin’s team is constantly finding new ways to make our jobs easier. They are very prompt in their responses and the each and every one of our concerns seriously.

John Adams Mortgage

Becca D.

Customer, John Adams Mortgage

I’ve had to use Veri-Tax on a daily basis for work and they have the best customer service I’ve ever encountered! It is rare in this day and age that everytime I call a company with an issue or a question, everyone is super friendly and willing and able to help. Just the fact that you guys were willing to stay late that one day to help us out with our crazy task was amazing!

Sabine S.

Customer, Mortgage Lender

Working with Veri-Tax has been a pleasure. The roll-out was smooth. Service was great. Best 3rd party vendor we have worked with. Julia is fabolous.

2019 Client Survey response

Customer, Mortgage Lender

Our account manager is very attentive and proactive. I am pleased with the overall service and whenever I need information or some form of escalation, she is lightning fast in responding.

2021 Client Survey response

Customer, Mortgage Lender

Andrew Bearden and his team provide great service. Verification of employment is such a time consuming task. It’s nice to have it handled so we can work on other tasks!

Alcova Mortgage

Kristi Rimar

Customer, Alcova Mortgage

Love your verification platform. This was by far the easiest process and most user-friendly verification platform that I have come across. It helped speed up what is usually a cumbersome and time consuming process.

Goen South

Tanasha Juarez

Employer, Goen South

They have hands down the best customer service I’ve ever been in contact with. Super fast responses every time and always so so nice!

Loan Depot

Rachael Meyer

Customer, Loan Depot

Anytime a rush is needed, Veri-Tax always comes through and does what they can to get their team on board to get us that 10 Day VOE as quickly as possible. They have saved me a few times now. Thank You so much Mathew Daza and Team!

Melissa DesJardins

Customer, Sun American

Veri-Tax’s customer happiness promise is 100% absolutely felt on our side.

Thrive Mortgage

Donielle G.

Customer, Thrive Mortgage

Their system is fast and user friendly, and their servie is outstanding. The best part is the “Customer Happiness Team.” They are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. In all the times that I’ve had to contact them, I’ve never once had anything other than a wonderful experience. I highly recommend this company if you have a regular need to order tax transcripts or VOEs.

Lisa P.

Customer, Mortgage Lender

I work with Veri-Tax daily, and it has made my job so much easier! They follow-up diligently to fulfill my requests, and their team is always very pleasant and willing to help! You are all fantastic! Thanks for all you do!!!!

Matthew C.

Customer, Mortgage Lender

My office reached out to you and your staff and with your guidance and influence, we were able to retrieve transcripts in a timely manner and close the purchase. I can sincerely say that you and your team are always available to help, train, and answer our questions and concerns.

Primary Residential Mortgage Inc

Primary Residential Employee

Customer, Primary Residential Mortgage Inc

EXCELLENT responsiveness from the ‘Customer Happiness’ Team!

Amy H.

Customer, Mortgage Lender

We were previously using [a big name vendor] for all of our VOE/Tax Transcript needs. Veri-Tax has been incredible to work with. Great customer service, great reporting, great turn times. One of the best moves we have ever made.

2020 Client Survey response

Customer, Mortgage Lender