Veri-Tax is excited to continue with our ‘Delivering Customer Happiness’ Monthly Spotlight featuring Jamie Czajkowski!

Please read how Jamie delivers our Customer Happiness Promise below!

Jamie Czajkowski

Senior Systems Engineer (Anchorage, AK)

“Working within the IT department can be unique at times because when we consider ‘Delivering Customer Happiness’ we not only have to think about our external customers who are placing orders for our services, but we also consider everyone internally at Veri-Tax as our “Customers”.

Primarily this is factored in terms of system uptime where our goal as an IT organization is to have “Five-Nines” or 99.999% system availability each year. This means that we aim for less than 5 minutes and 15 seconds of unplanned production system downtime every year. We experience technology issues like any other organization, but our design philosophy is built around multi-layered redundancy across our networks, servers, firewalls, ISP connections, redundant-power, and all of these allow us to generally continue serving our internal and external clients even if we are temporarily degraded in one aspect or another or a particular user is having an issue with something.

As a member of the Infrastructure Team, I will be honest that I don’t have much direct communication with our external customers on the average day and rely heavily on feedback from other teammates at Veri-Tax for questions or suggestions on areas where we could improve our systems, services, and overall IT posture. I’ve always found the best way of doing this is just by being available. I can’t promise that I WON’T ask you to open an IT ticket about a particular issue you bring up, but my mailbox is always open and anyone can feel free to reach out to me on Teams for basic IT questions and issues they experience and I’m happy to assist as best as I can.”