Veri-Tax is excited to continue with our ‘Delivering Customer Happiness’ Monthly Spotlight featuring Jessica Van Sciver!

Please read how Jessica delivers our Customer Happiness Promise below!

Jessica Van Sciver

Team Lead Queue Manager (Irvine Remote Team)

“Our Customer Happiness Promise means making sure we go above and beyond to make our clients and employers happy. This can be doing extra work on an order to ensure good turnaround times for our clients to having a friendly tone when talking with employers. I would say that the 2 core values that I use the most are Make Lemonade and LOL Everyday. I feel like as a Queue Manager you never know that will be through your way to overcome and so we are always having to Make Lemonade to make the best of the situation that we are dealing with (people calling out, low order volume, ect). I also try to LOL Everyday as it just makes for a better day. It could be as simple as sending GIFs to someone over chat or just laughing off something that happened.

Being a Queue Manager is a lot of work. We have to stay on top and monitor all of the queues to ensure that the operation is running smoothly. We also have to know who is trained in what and what their work hours are for the day. We are always making moves throughout the day (which our processors know the most haha). When it comes to making lemonade we are always doing that cause we get thrown curveballs of being calling out sick, leaving early, low volume, high volume and more. For example, when a caller calls out for the day or leaves early we have to ensure that we reassign their orders so they can still be handled in a timely manner.”