Veri-Tax is excited to continue with our ‘Delivering Customer Happiness’ Monthly Spotlight featuring our Verification Processor, Alec Fuqua!

Please read how Alec delivers our Customer Happiness Promise below!

Alec Fuqua

Verification Processor (Irvine remote)

I once heard story that if someone were to give you $86,400 but someone stole $60 dollars from it, would you throw away the left over $85,340 dollars to get those $60 dollars back? Now replace the dollars with the seconds in a day. Whenever I’m dealing with a difficult call, I always try to remember that.

One of Veri-tax’s main mottos is “Make Lemonade”, so what I try to do while calling is to take some peoples’ sour reactions and try my best to add some ‘sugar’ to create that lemonade.  Life is too short to have a bad day, there are only bad moments. As soon as I learned that from working here it changed my life.