Veri-Tax is excited to continue our ‘Delivering Customer Happiness’ Monthly Spotlight and this month we are featuring our CHT Supervisor, Cynthia Martinez! To continue to provide our promise, Cynthia nurtures a strong team of empowered individuals to create the best outcome for each client! Our Customer Happiness Promise is just one of the many reasons why Veri-Tax is a leader in the verification industry. Please read how Cynthia delivers on our Customer Happiness Promise below and on our social media pages!

Cynthia Martinez

CHT Supervisor

“We thrive on ensuring our employees deliver on our customer happiness promise by providing them with a wealth of knowledge and giving them power to make the best decisions for each situation.

This is more situational and it involves hundreds of clients: A few years back we had a sudden and drastic change in the operation of our business causing a huge outburst from our clients, myself and the entire customer happiness team worked long hours for weeks until the issue subsided. Our customers were our top priority we did not leave for the day until every single email and phone call was answered. The same is true today, we will always be here to assist our customers.

Working from behind the scenes is how I ensure we deliver our customer happiness promise, ensuring employees receive appropriate training and support from me and the training team. Keeping them in the know if changes and ensuring their voices are heard.

Wear any hat: In my current position I find myself stepping into several different areas of the operation, I enjoy being a well-rounded individual and being able to assist any department when it is needed.”