Veri-Tax is excited to continue with our ‘Delivering Customer Happiness’ Monthly Spotlight featuring our Verification Processor, Brent Rodas!

Please read how Brent delivers our Customer Happiness Promise below!

Brent Rodas

Verification Processor (Irvine Remote)

For me, “Customer Happiness Promise” means achieving above and beyond what is satisfactory. To deliver on that promise, I personally make sure I hit the small goals I make throughout the day where I know it would take a positive ripple effect for the rest of the team, thus reaching great results for our clients to see. The core values Veri-Tax upholds in the company are things that I fully agree in because it helps remind me of the foundation Veri-Tax is built on which is why I enjoy working with my team! The core values I catch myself implementing more often recently are overcommunicating, innovating, and embracing changes. I overcommunicate with anyone in the team for any orders that take a little more work than usual just to make sure we get them taken care of the right way. As for our clients, I make sure I overcommunicate by never missing an email to let them know important updates on their orders. For just the short time I’ve been here, I’ve seen a lot of changes (big or small) Veri-Tax goes through to get positive results, no matter what goal it is. Since I am a part of that, I make sure I embrace the changes the company decides to move forward to, not just for an easier transition, but also because I believe in the process.