Veri-Tax is excited to continue with our ‘Delivering Customer Happiness’ Monthly Spotlight featuring our Account Manager, Ryan Baker!

Please read how Ryan delivers our Customer Happiness Promise below!

Ryan Baker

Customer Service Representative (Irvine Remote Team)

What does our “Customer Happiness Promise” mean to you?
Our Customer Happiness Promise means to me that we follow through on our commit to our clients via a proven process using all our available resources to ensure that we have done all that we can to fulfill our goal of retrieving the information required and by doing so with the upmost business etiquette to ensure satisfactory results.

Can you share a story or two detailing how you saved the day for your team or a client’s day?
I have saved the day for our team and our clients on several occasions especially on rush orders and with unresponsive employers. I typically will evaluate an order find an avenue that perhaps we had not yet utilized or something that may have been buried within the notes and will use that to my advantage. In many cases I have found myself being able to have an order completed that initially seemed doubtful.

What unique way(s) do you deliver customer happiness?
I treat every client or employer with courtesy and make sure to listen to their concerns and respond to them appropriately. If there is anything I can do to help them overcome any obstacles, to better understand or to reassure them I will always do my best and will always do so with an urgency.

What core value do you find yourself implementing the most? Can you give us an example?
I would say the core value I find myself implementing the most would be over communicating. I understand that while not everyone out there we speak to is as trusting or understanding of what we’re trying to accomplish, I do my best to quickly elaborate the importance and legitimacy of our objectives so that the right message gets across to the right people.