Veri-Tax is excited to continue with our ‘Delivering Customer Happiness’ Monthly Spotlight featuring one of our Senior Account Executives, Mathew Daza! Please read how Matt delivers our Customer Happiness Promise below and on our social media pages!

Mathew Daza

Senior Account Executive

Delivering Customer Happiness is not just a catchy phrase or brand tagline, it is truly the essence, philosophy, and core value which is deeply embedded into the company culture, embraced by every department, and executed by each person that works here at Veri-Tax.  As a Sales Executive, delivering customer happiness starts with my initial interactions with prospective new clients to make sure I thoroughly understand the client’s needs and challenges in order to help guide them into making an educated decision to partner and trust in Veri-Tax. I truly get a great sense of pride and accomplishment when my clients express their genuine gratitude on how our services have helped their business. I especially love getting feedback on how our team was able to help a client get out of a sticky situation. For example, I received a phone call from a funding manager who stated that she had an urgent request. She told me that they had a loan that needed to be funded, but they found an error and needed an item on the VOE Report to be corrected in order to fund the loan. I immediately reached out to our VOE Processing Team and told them about the client’s situation. We re-opened the order and assigned it to one of our Lead VOE Processors to reach back out to the employer. We were able to get the VOE Report corrected within an hour from receiving the initial phone call from the client. Our client really appreciated our fast response and was able to fund the loan shortly thereafter. This is just one of many examples on how we were able to help a customer by working together as a team to deliver on our customer happiness promise.