Veri-Tax is excited to continue with our ‘Delivering Customer Happiness’ Monthly Spotlight featuring one of our Account Managers, Julia Hawkins! With a focus on the client’s overall success, Julia takes no shortcuts in building a relationship with a foundation of communication and understanding. Acting on our core values by over communicating and delivering customer happiness is just one of the many reasons why Veri-Tax is a leader in the verification industry. Please read how Julia delivers our Customer Happiness Promise below and on our social media pages!

Julia Hawkins

Account Manager Specializing in Customer Happiness

“To me, Customer Happiness goes deeper than just making sure the customer is happy with the way one specific situation turned out. Instead, I believe Customer Happiness is built on a core of collaboration. I try to understand all levels of their situation so that I can ensure that the resolution I suggest is right for them now and in the long term. I don’t like applying quick fixes just to make a customer happy now. This approach typically also trickles down to when other clients come to me with similar situations as well. For example, when we became an approved vendor for Fannie Mae Day 1 Certainty program, many of my mortgage clients reached out to find out more. Rather than just telling them that there is a new ID listed on our reports that they’ll need to provide to Fannie, I instead got their operations managers on the phone and asked in depth what their current normal process is, what platform are they using, etc. From there I could suggest changes that may be good for them to implement to ensure their process is as smooth as possible. Of course, there was some countered feedback from them, but that was deeply appreciated as it became a learning opportunity for me and thus I was able to make better suggestions to my other clients moving forward. I also learned more about their specific process so that I could best advise others on their team that later had questions. Thus my Customer Happiness promise to all my clients was fulfilled. They were not only happy by the end of the conversation, but also we both were packed with knowledge to ensure the happiness continued in the long term.”