Veri-Tax is excited to announce our first ‘Delivering Customer Happiness’ Monthly Spotlight featuring, one of our Virtual Account Managers, Andrew Bearden! We truly care about providing exceptional service our clients to the best of our abilities and Andrew focuses on exactly that! Our Customer Happiness Promise is just one of the many reasons why Veri-Tax is a leader in the verification industry. Please read how Andrew delivers on our Customer Happiness Promise below.

Andrew Bearden

Virtual Account Manager

“A couple of years ago the IRS changed their process and went from a 1-2 Day Turnaround time to a 3-4 day turnaround time. They also started rejecting a ton of orders for something called a Code 10 and it was just the worst. Orders were taking forever, we were getting calls and emails with people yelling and it was really rough. There are lots of times here where we get put in a position where we are stuck, we cannot rush an order or cannot get ahold of an Employer, and with this extra influx of issues I was at a breaking point.

I remember one Friday, I was talking to someone and there was a real opportunity to get their order back right before they had to close. I jumped on it and had the right people make the calls to the right IRS agents and the order was completed right as I was about to go home for the weekend. I was able to call and with pride let our client know the order was complete. I share this story, not because of they were happy because they could close the loan, and I honestly don’t remember what client it was or the name of the borrower, but what I do remember is how I felt driving home that day. I wasn’t thinking about how rough the week was, or how much the IRS was ruining my life like I had every other day that week. Instead I had a smile on my face because I was able to make at least one person happy.

And I have held onto that to this day. If I treat every order with the goal of just making that one client and borrower happy it becomes manageable. I start focusing on the wins, and I am able to keep pushing forward and even learn additional ways to make things work in difficult situations. And because of this I also earn the respect and understanding of our clients, because they know that I want to make them happy and have, in the past, done everything I could to help. So they know when we are in a situation where we are in fact stuck, that it is not that I don’t care.

In short, what Customer Happiness means to me is “Andrew” Happiness. Helping and fixing things for clients makes ME happy! Veri-Tax just gets the Customer Happiness as a byproduct.”