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Mid-Sized Bank

Customer Happiness Success Story

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  • Customer Happiness Team
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Faster Turn Around
Mid-Sized Bank


A full service commercial bank has been the #1 mortgage lender in its region and differentiates by its excellent and personalized service. The bank had reasonably decided to perform its income and employment verifications in-house for better end to-end control. But, with over 2,500 mortgage loans processed a year, the bank struggled with its growth.


In particular, the income and employment verifications were inconsistent across the bank’s loan processors impairing the efficiency of underwriting downstream. The lack of process control and tracking resulted in critical data being lost in the shuffle and the duplication of efforts. Other inefficiencies including turnaround delays also risked mortgage loan closing time frames.


By partnering with Veri-Tax for their income and employment verifications, the bank was able to take the pressure off their loan processors and free them up to better serve their customers and generate more business. A more streamlined verification process resulted in over a 33% increase in productivity. The bank has also gained greater process control and understanding through the detailed reporting and expertise of Veri-Tax. Finally, the bank is reassured that its marketplace brand with the employers of its customers will be protected by Veri-Tax and its “customer happiness” culture. In fact, the bank’s favorite new feature is the Veri-Tax Customer Happiness Team that is readily available whenever assistance is needed. “If there is a problem, they’re able to fix it!”

Midwest, USA

2,500+ Mortgage Loans a  Year

[Our] loan processors are able to generate more business instead of worrying about verifications of employment.