Verification of Employment

Verification of Employment

Veri-Tax is the only Verification of Employment provider with a 99% success rate!

Veri-Tax’s Verification of Employment provides unbiased third-party verifications that mitigate the risk of consumer misrepresentation, reduce in-house VOE processing time and deliver compliant verifications. Veri-Tax expedites the delivery of complete and accurate employment data within 24-72 hours.

Verification of Employment Features & Benefits

  • Currently have access to over 60 third party verification providers
  • Taking a dynamic and resourceful approach when contacting employers that are difficult to reach
  • Best practices and employer intelligence based on broad experience across numerous clients
  • Delivering “customer happiness” throughout the entire process by accommodating special requests and collaborating with clients
  • No additional fees for account maintenance or support
  • Flexible order placement options
  • Onshore service agents

24-72 Hour Turn Time

A partner dedicated to improve efficiencies and streamline the verification process. We offer the fastest and most thorough Verifications of Income and Employment in the industry!

  • Verbal verifications of employment (without income) completed 24-48 hours
  • Written verifications (with income) completed within 48-72 hours
  • Verbal reverifications needed prior to closing completed within 24 hours