Verification of Employment

Veri-Tax is the only VOE provider with a 99% success rate!

Veri-Tax’s Verifications of Employment (VOE) provide unbiased third-party verifications that mitigate the risk of consumer misrepresentation, reduce in-house VOE processing time and deliver compliant QM/Ability-To-Repay verifications.  Veri-Tax expedites the delivery of complete and accurate employment data within 24-72 hours.


    • Verbal VOEs and re-verifications completed within hours
    • Income history verified within 24-72 hours and includes original Fannie Mae 1005 completed by the employer
    • Verify bonuses, commission, overtime, and probability of continued employment
    • Self-employed VOEs include business validation
    • Detailed real-time order status updates


  • Unbiased third-party verifications and reduces risk of partial in-house verifications of employment
  • Fulfills ATR/QM compliance  rules that requires “reliable third party records” to verify employment for guaranteed quality and authenticity
  • VOE processors continues to call an employer until the VOE is completed
  • Customized VOEs based on each customer’s business needs
  • Utilizes highest level of technology to secure the lender, borrower, and employer’s sensitive data

Veri-Tax VOE Process



Verification of Employment Features and Benefits
1 Accommodates special requests Users can enter special requests and other comments without delaying the order and keeping all processes onshore.
2 Provides real-time order status and history Users can check real-time status and access a complete history of activity and notes for every order.
3 Executes more comprehensive employer verification We will utilize multiple Google search pages and any additional resources to verify an employer’s contact information.
4 Offers more convenient process for Third Party VOEs We complete third party VOE’s (except for The Work Number) on behalf of our customers, pay for any necessary fees upfront, note them in the comments, and pass through the third party fees in our monthly invoice.
5 Adopts a resourceful approach for unresponsive employers We take a dynamic and resourceful approach when contacting employers that are difficult to reach (e.g., researching different phone numbers, pursuing alternative paths and contacts, etc.).
6 Optimizes process for employer time zones Our system can filter orders by state of the employer address to facilitate more optimal team planning based on employer time zones.
7 Enforces more stringent QC process Our QC process includes reviewing information received from employers for reasonable accuracy and completeness including satisfaction of any special requests from customers for the order.
8 Delivers on a “customer happiness” promise We deliver “customer happiness” through our responsiveness to customer questions, accommodation of special requests and collaboration with customers on how best to complete more challenging VOE orders.

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