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Veri-Tax is the trusted leader in Ability-To-Pay verification solutions and a company fanatical about delivering a customer happiness experience.

Veri-Tax specializes in Ability-To-Pay verification solutions that help our customers meet the raised compliance and ATR/QM requirements in the mortgage, lending, insurance, and credit industries.

For over a decade, our customers have trusted us to provide unbiased third-party verifications to quickly identify consumer misrepresentation and verify a consumer’s ability-to-pay through income, identity, employment, and account verifications. By utilizing the industry’s most advanced technology, Veri-Tax gathers the necessary documentation to streamline a loan’s funding, accelerate underwriting decisions, prevent fraud, and improve the overall customer experience.

Veri-Tax’s Ability-to-Pay Solutions 


Today, Veri-Tax’s services are integral to meet compliance standards at numerous national and multi-national lending organizations. If you are interested in reducing risk and increasing your confidence though due diligent verifications, then Veri-Tax has a service designed for you.

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